Benefits of the Forward Bend Pose

Forward bend pose can be done both standing or sitting which is an ideal pose for seniors. The forward bend pose will help lengthen and stretch the spine. For me, too many hours sat in front of a computer has tightened my hamstrings.If you tend to sit a lot this may have happened to you too. This yoga pose may be a challenge for you at first, but it's important when starting out to just relax and only move forward as much as is comfortable. Remember to breathe deeply and allow your mind some introspection. Yoga is mind body connection.

Forward Bend Pose Instructional Video

Bend forward as described in the video above and hold that position for four or five breaths,

Yoga Forward Bend Alignment

Whether you perform this pose standing or sitting, it's important to pay close attention to your alignment. The sitting forward bend pose does put more strain on your back and can be more strenuous. Try doing it standing if possible first before practicing it sitting down.

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