Mobility Exercises – Standing Calf Raises

This form of exercise will help build strength in your calf muscles. You can use dumbbells or barbells when performing this exercise. By doing this exercise in the three positions outlined in the video, you will strengthen all your calf muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as shape or define your lower legs.

Standing Calf Raises Exercise

Step 1. Make a “V” with your feet with heels touching and your toes pointing outwards diagonally.

Gently and slowly shift your weight onto the balls of your feet and raise your body as high as you can comfortably. Come up on your toes slowly 15 times.

Once completed do 10 fast.

Step 2. Place your feet straight in line with your hips and repeat 15 slow raises onto your toes followed by 10 fast.

Step 3.Place your big toes together and heels diagonally facing backwards (pigeon-toed) and repeat 15 slow toe raises followed by 10 fast.

Calf raises work the gastrocnemius muscle in the calves. You can vary this exercise if physically fit to include one foot calf raises.

Note: We recommend if you are just starting out with any physical exercises that you begin slowly and work up to the number of repetitions described in this video.

You are more likely to maintain the exercise program if you enjoy it and don’t do too much too soon. Slow and easy wins the race for us seniors.

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