What is the Difference Between These Types of Yoga?

types of yoga

To the beginner yoga enthusiast the many types of yoga can be confusing to say the least. Yoga is becoming more popular every year with thousands of people starting out on their yoga journey every single day. As seniors, we must tailor our yoga to what suits our current health status and abilities.

The beauty of yoga is each person or “Yogi” decides based on their own personal factors and preferences to what form of yoga exercise they choose to practise. Many people turn to yoga as a form of healing when they have serious health issues. Yoga is a whole body approach to healing.

When starting to practice yoga for the first time, be sure to find out what is best suits your requirements. Important factors that have to be addressed before any exercise is executed are your health and fitness levels.

types of yogaBe sure to discuss your plans with your health care provider. Start out slow and have patience with yourself and your body.

As you read and learn about the various types of common yoga, no doubt you will be as surprised as I was. I always thought yoga was all about doing planks and stretching and being flexible.

It really surprised me when I discovered meditation was a huge part of the process. As I researched further into this aspect I discovered that yoga is not just a set of exercises you have to complete daily, it is a whole body experience, body mind and soul.

It is learning to concentrate the mind, freeing the mind from old habits and beliefs. Allowing yourself to be still and to listen to your body. It really can be life changing if you let it…

Common Types of Yoga

This is just a few there are many more and branches of those too! We will go more into depth of more relevant yoga for seniors in future articles.

Lyenga Yoga

Lyengar yoga is a form of Hatha yoga, it is solely based posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama) for alignment and accurate movements.

When working out the Iyengar way, props are used such as straps and blocks for beginners who are not as flexible as the experts in this field.

By using these yoga props it helps the beginner to relax and give comfort therefore allowing them to do the yoga more easily and gaining beneficial results.

The Ashtanga Yoga

Commonly known as Power Yoga. The reason for this alias is because of the powerful movements that are involved.

This is not the type of yoga for seniors or beginner yoga enthusiasts.

This yoga method involves synchronizing your breath while performing some rather strenuous postures. This strenuous form of yoga causes internal heat to build up which makes you sweat profusely. This is said to help detoxify your body and organs.

What type of person practices this The Ashtanga ?

People that are physically fit and wish to push their body to the limit, they love to be constantly looking for more challenging moves.

You will find athletes – gymnasts and cyclists all from the fitness world have turned to this type of yoga to add more balance to their concentration to help them in their quest when going for gold.

Bikram Yoga

This type of yoga is also known as Hot Yoga and routines are carried out in a very warm room. This is an excellent way for increasing flexibility, heat can relax and stretch body tissue.

Certain health concerns like cardio vascular disease makes this type of common yoga off-limits for those patients. As this yoga is quite vigorous and in a very warm room it can put extra stress and strain on the body which we, as seniors want to avoid.

Raja Yoga

 Yoga for seniorsA content mind denotes a content body and soul. If you are looking to calm the mind and body then this is the yoga for you. This type of yoga is great for seniors and anyone struggling with health issues.

It is based on concentration and meditation. Now we are not going to get all “woo woo” on you, but meditation has proven health benefits that actually stimulates or promotes healing in the body.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti means devotion to the Almighty. Bhakti yoga deals with devotion to God and achieving the union with Him. The focus is on self- surrender.

The Mantra Yoga

The “Om” mantra is probably one that you will recognize instantly. This type of yoga focuses on the use of mantras to awaken the self, to help deepen meditations and to engage the mind.

Many health organizations that deal with patients suffering with mental or physical anguish and with stress related disorders are looking to the world of yoga in order to help these patients recover and heal themselves naturally.

Why?  Because yoga in all its forms is one of natures natural remedies for pain and overall mental and emotional health along with physical wellness.

In future articles we will go into more depth on the various types of yoga  for seniors so you can choose one that is perfectly suited to you!

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